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Kareen Robbins & Associates, LLC

Hello! Welcome! My name is Kareen and I'm an Occupational Therapist!

My passion is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice for OT and Related Service Providers to develop more confidence within their practice! 


After 30+ years of practicing occupational therapy, my purpose is to empower and educate my professional peers to elicit growth and confidence in the practice of occupational therapy and other related services as well as with teachers, families and caregivers.


With 9 years as an educational director for a related service team, (birthed from a vision to successful team) I love to assist and support children through educational leaders. I also have dove into Response to Intervention with two feet!I am eager to see OTPs as well as other related service providers integrate into this process.  Along with resources, I will be providing trainings for educators that related service providers may provide to assist in Tier 1 education.   

My occupational therapy specialty areas are the pediatric population, the school setting, response to intervention and sensory integration. I also have a passion and advocate for incorporating spirituality in client centered care.


Please feel free to view my experience here:

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477 Occupational Therapy Providers, Physical Therapy Providers, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Educators have participated in trainings and mentoring!
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