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Hello! Welcome! My name is Kareen and I'm an Occupational Therapist!

My passion is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice for OT and Related Service Providers to develop more confidence within their practice! 


After 30+ years of practicing occupational therapy, my purpose is to empower and educate my professional peers to elicit growth and confidence in the practice of occupational therapy and other related services as well as with teachers, families and caregivers.


With 8 years as an educational director for a related service team, (birthed from a vision to successful team) I love to assist and support children through educational leaders.  

My occupational therapy specialty areas are the pediatric population, the school setting and sensory integration. I was blessed to have obtained my SIPT certification in 1996.  I also have a passion and advocate for incorporating spirituality in client centered care.


Please feel free to view my experience here: 


Kareen Robbins and Associates, LLC declare that there are no non-financial or financial interests that relate to the presentation of this topic or mention of materials.  Professional development is primarily focused on evidence-based and occupation-centered practice and not product or service promotion.


Kareen Robbins MS OTR/L is compensated as the sole proprietor of Kareen Robbins and Associates, LLC.  She is the creator of The Sensory Processing Clinical Observations©2021.  This is not a product that is sold to the public or the creator receives any financial compensation for.  It has been developed on the intention to develop clinical reasoning skills of OTs in the assessment of children with sensory processing challenges.


What others are saying..... 

"Inspiring others and easily sharing expertise come to mind when I think of Kareen Robbins.  I have always admired her amazing skills with clients and colleagues alike. I can’t imagine a better mentor. If you are seeking to learn about pediatric school-based OT practice and enhance your professional growth, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out Kareen’s business -Sarah C -OTR

"I have taken the Sensory Integration class three times already with Kareen and keep learning new things each time!  Rachel G -OTR

"Kareen is so knowledgeable and such a good teacher—she taught me so much in such a short time!"  Jenna P - OTR

"Sensory integration in the school setting is a topic that I, as an occupational therapist, have tried to develop throughout my career, especially as a new grad starting out in a school based setting. By the end of my first few years of working, I had mixed up pieces of what I had learned about sensory in schools, and my role to play as an OT. I had what I learned from my pediatrics course in OT school and during my school based fieldwork, as well as reaching out to my work colleagues, and scouring the internet through online school based OT groups and search engines. After taking this class, finally someone had organized all of the jumbled up information I had gleaned over the past few years, and put it all into a structured outline of the entire process. It includes starting from all the way down to the foundational neurological theories, leading into the evaluation process, and translating it to practice in the school setting. This class is a comprehensive guide and well-rounded resource for anyone evaluating and treating students with sensory concerns/issues in the educational setting, or for any discipline wanting an in-depth understanding of the process behind sensory integration into the school setting. I think anyone who is working in a school setting, whether your first year, or your twentieth year, would benefit from taking this course to help build or reaffirm your understanding of your role an OT in evaluating and treating sensory processing difficulties in the classroom setting." Cecilia K- OTR