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Learning Objectives:

1.    Define response to intervention and the multi- tiered system of support instructional model.

2.    Identify an evidence-based intervention within each Tier. 

3.    List 2 benefits of integrating therapeutic interventions into the RTI/MTSSprocess.

4.    Recognize the difference between RTI/MTSS instruction and direct intervention.

5.    Describe potential barriers that may be challenging with your participation in Tiered Intervention.

6.    Describe potential strategies that will increase your success (cost effectiveand appropriate referrals) in participating in Tiered Intervention. 



12:00-1:00 Tiered Intervention Defined and Legislation

1:00-1:45 Instructional Tiers (1, 2 & 3)

1:45-2:15 Benefits of the RTI process for the Related Service Provider

2:15-4:00 Barriers and successful strategies of integrating into the RTI process for the Related Service Provider

Zoom Link: Within 24 hours of registering you will recieve a zoom link for the course you have registered for. Within 2 days of the date of the first session of the course you will recieve the link once again along with the handouts and any relevant information.


Navigate Tiered Interventions (RTI and MTSS) and THRIVE!

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