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Tier 2 Resources

Tier 2 of the Response to Intervention Process consists of children who fall below the expected levels of accomplishment (called benchmarks) and are at some risk for academic failure but who are still above levels considered to indicate a high risk for failure. The needs of these students are identified through a screening process, and instructional programs are delivered that focus on their specific needs. Instruction is provided in smaller groups.  (

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Important notes for RTI-Tier 2 Screening

  1. Screenings that are completed for Tier 2 targeted skills are not the same as a universal screening within Tier1. 

  • Universal screenings are performed for ALL students in a classroom, grade or school. With the use of a universal screener, educators can identify academic, social-emotional and behavior gaps in students

  • Tier 2 screenings are performed to collect data of a targeted skill to determine the need for Tier 2 interventions.

​2. ​A screening is not an evaluation. 

  • A screening tool for determining targeted interventions within the RTI process will provide the need for targeted interventions, baseline data and progress monitoring data. 

  • A screening may also be a tool that provides "occupational therapy practitioners with a glimpse of a person’s or population’s potential needs, strengths, limitations, and contexts; however, screening does not inform treatment planning and indicates only whether additional formal evaluation is required (Boone, A. E., Henderson, W. L., & Dunn, W. (2022)." This screening, prior to an evaluation, is typically more global and encompasses more that one skill such as, fine motor, visual-motor and coordination skills. It may also address the potential of underlying skills that are affecting occupational performance.

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