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Child in Air Yoga

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing can be confusing as we do not "see" sensory processing skills. It is defined as the relatedness of one to others, one to their environment, and one's ability to adjust oneself to appropriately function within the environment with oneself, others, and objects within it.

I am blessed to have "1st generation" instructors (trained and mentored by Jean Ayres) in the area of sensory integration where I was able to become "Certified in Sensory Integration". Since then I have challenged and developed successful evidence based practical application of the theory with children 0-22 years of age.

I have worked with children in the school setting, outpatient settings, homes and in child care facilities.  My passion is to support and educate teachers, related service providers and families to implement sensory integration constructs into a child's natural environment.  Sensory processing skills is a process.  The more a child can improve their relationships within themselves, others and the environment, the more they may be successful and thrive!

  • AOTA Approved Continuing Education for occupational therapy providers as well as related service providers

  • Mentorship to help providers navigate sensory processing and all pediatric skills.

  • Consulting Services for Occupational Therapy Providers, School Districts, Families and other child care providers.

  • Coming soon!  Teacher, Parent and Caregiver trainings to provide a foundation to support children.

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