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A digital binder is a collection of information such as resources, handouts, evidence based interventions, therapeutic activities and more. In some cases, original work may be copyrighted however, most information is a collection of information that is referenced within the form of a digital binder.

  • Sensory Processing Assessment Toolbox (3rd Ed) Digital Binder is 75 pages​
  • Appropriately Identifying Sensory Integration/Processing Patterns of Dysfunction
  • Developing an Occupational Profile to successfully organize clinical reasoning skills
  • Using clinical reasoning skills to select the most appropriate standardized assessments available
  • Using skilled, structured and environmental clinical observations to perform the most comprehensive assessment
  • Primitive Reflex Educational and Assessment Handouts
  • Identifying other potential challenges patterns such as, Emotional Regulation, Motivational Behavior, Executive Functioning, and Developmental Coordination Disorder.


Sensory Processing Assessment Toolbox (3rd Ed) Digital Binder

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